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I’m trying to help someone with Nightbot (for YoutTube) but I’m having diffculty. They would like to set up a command that everyone is able to use that will display their individual channel links in the message.

I know it’s possible to do because they saw it on someone else’s livestream. How can I do it i.e what do I need write in the message box?

Many thanks :blush:

@weishennieplays Welcome to the community, Yeah, it is possible, as Nightbot provides the $(UserID) variable.

Just paste the following code in YouTube Live Chat. :)
!addcom -cd=5 !<CommandName> [$(userid) ]

Me too having such command, by the way. I call it the !shoutout command. Please don’t laugh. :)

!addcom -cd=5 !shoutout Here is a SHOUT OUT to [ @$(user) ] by stream <stream name>. You can check the channel at [$(userid) ]


Ritik: !shoutout
Nightbot: Here is a SHOUT OUT to [ @Ritik ] by stream Ritik's stream. You can check the channel at [ ]

Hope this will work.


Thank you so much, you’re a star! It worked perfectly !! :star_struck:

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