Custom command for specific game


I want to make a custom command to set a game on Twitch.

I’ve tried !commands add !command_name -ul=moderator -game=Game but this doesn’t work.

What am I missing?

Best regards

Hiya, there already is a command for that: !game
But if you want an other command for it you can add something like this:
!commands add !setgame -a=!game $(query)

I know there’s a command for it, but I mean that I want to be able to type for example !sot and the response would be “The stream game have been set to Sea of Thieves”

Oh I see, then you’ll need something like this: !commands add !sot -a=!game Sea of Thieves

OMG thank you! U made my day! Thank you so so much! <3

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