Custom command cooldowns not working

To my drunk streams i have made a !sip custom command which has the message “(my name) now has to take a sip! That’s number $(count)”. I have also set a cooldown of 300s to this command but it seems to ignore the cooldown because people can pretty much spam the command. Even same users can spam the command multiple times in a row.

I’m using nightbot on google chrome with a windows 10.
Would love some help with this.
Thanks in advance!

Hey @tsekkonen!

Are the users able to spam the command mods? Because mods bypass the cooldown. Or is it anyone?

I didn’t really pay attention to that. Just to make sure if you are a mod to my channel you can bypass the cooldown? And if so is there a chance to make it so that mods have the cooldown too?

Yes, mods do bypass cooldowns, and there are no ways to change that, sorry. Just tell your mods to not spam the command, they work for you, they should listen, else they’re not good mods.
However, if you notice that regular viewers are able to bypass the cooldown, then that’s a bug.

Ah okay, that settles it then.

Thank you very much!

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