Custom Command and Timers

Hi all. I’ve created a command to show my PSN Trophies, it’s work fine but I want to use a timer to show my PSN profile each 15 minutes. I went to timers but all the options are related to send a text message. Do you know how can I use timers with this command to show on my channel’s chat?

reloadedantrax has a level of 12 and currently has 0 platinum, 40 gold, 220 silver, and 875 bronze trophies.

Heya, yes thats possible, you can find timers settings here, create a new timer and set the alias to the command you created with the trophies.

All information about timers can be found here.

oh I just realized. Last question, Can I check my timers? because I was reading that the timer will active if there is a conversation (at least 2 chat lines and active chat). I want to test my timers before use them on a real conversation.

Any idea about last question?

Hm, to test it out simply create a temporary custom command with the same message in the ‘message’ field and run the command in your chat, they should look the same.

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