[Custom API] Valorant MMR Rank API v1

Is there any issue to the API?

I see you said you did the coding for this, but I can’t find it anywhere. Is it still out there/functional? I would really appreciate using this as i’m top 9k at the moment and it SHOULD be able to find my account on the leaderboard

Thanks a ton

@SkyeLyner This is not displaying the global rank position in leaderboard, this is just valorant rank with RR. Please do not be confused with this topic statement.

hey how can i gett the api

i got “Remote Server Returned Code 400”

is it because it’s SEA region isn’t supported yet?

@bulltastic @rksol May I know what are both of your ID, Tag and Region?

mine is sol#0420 SEA region

For displaying with your ID, Tag in Region:
Use: !addcom !rank $(urlfetch https://api.kyroskoh.xyz/valorant/v1/mmr/ap/sol/0420?display=1)

Use: !addcom !rank $(urlfetch https://api.kyroskoh.xyz/valorant/v1/mmr/ap/sol/0420)

Note: Currently, my API is facing Status Code, 429 as it is throttled by Riot within this window period. You can trigger the !rank command later for the result.

it gives me the same “Remote Server Returned Code 400”

hey @kyroskoh i found the problem

its soi#0420 with capital i instead of an actual l hahahah

everything is good now all working just fine

Hey kryoskoh! Was wondering if your api can do something like this:

(players) current RR is 22RR in Diamond 1. Lost -16RR in the last game. 278RR needed for Immortal.

Been looking everywhere to see how to do this with other api’s but cant find anything. I see people using custom twitch bots with it. If you can help me in anyway I’d appreciate it thanks :slight_smile:

Good that you know the issue.

For your info, every Valo rank tier is 0-99RR, it cannot be tracked for ‘needed for Immortal’ for accumulated RR, unless it is calculated for each tier of every 100RR with each defined RankName.

Further customised API is required for reference table which will make the Riot API much slower to compare with the return result of the RankName from each user requested with !rank command is triggered.

However, it can be done for “player_ID_Tag’s current RR is __RR in RankName. __RR was lost in the previous game.”.

mine is giving: “Remote Server Returned Code 400” could you help me?

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@LuanaAntunex Please use this:


I am proud to announce the Beta Release of Valorant Leaderboard Ranking API (Based on Valorant Account Region).

Note: See the beginning of this thread

it worked, thank you very much!! saved a lot

Hi I was wondering how you were able to create this API? Do you have a Valorant production API key from Riot?

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@Sckorpeo Yes I use Riot API, you can create your own in their development API key or acceptance by them for getting the Production API key.

@kyroskoh mine is giving: “Remote Server Returned Code 400” could you help me?

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@yukikasato all are caps? Can you show me your actual ID and Tag as screenshot here? Looks like Riot has made the ID and Tag to be case-sensitive.