[Custom API] Urban Dictionary Definition

Add Command: !command add !define $(urlfetch https://twitchsharer.com/files/urbandict.php?Term=$(query)&User=$(user))

Usage: !define

Example: !define csgo
Response: (KyrosKoh): Definition of csgo: A abbreviated name of the the video game "Counter-Strike Global Offensive"

*Note: Some searched terms, the response has over 400 characters to be displayed in a message. To be improved in next release.

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This doesn’t appear to like spaces in the query. Like “Dinner Sweats” It also doesn’t work for the word “bacon” the definition starts as “n.” so it stops getting results.

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It would be nice if you were able to choose which definition by number.

spaces may work, just use $(querystring) instead of $(query)

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@night – Trouble is the custom API isn’t looking into Urban Dictionary for more than 1 word, even if querystring is used. The response it gives shows the 2 or more words you had in your query, but the actual definition in the response is the definition of the first word alone.

This command doesn’t work for me. It always says “Error Connecting To Remote Server” please help me, I want this command so bad


I found zdict which also interfaces with Urban Dictionary to get word definitions. Just copy and paste the following command response:

$(eval try{if(!decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`))throw 0;a=$(urlfetch json http://api.urbandictionary.com/v0/define?term=$(querystring));b=a.list[0];(b.definition+` | `+b.example).replace(/[\[\]]/g,``).replace(/[\n\r]/g,` `).slice(0,400);}catch(e){`No search result found!`;})

Thanks for helping me, it worked perfectly