[Custom API] Speedrun.com Record Fetch

This API allows fetching the current record of a game from Speedrun.com

Command Producer

The easiest way to make a command for your game is to use the Command Producer page: https://speedrun.travisadaily.com/CommandProducer/Record . Type in a game name, pick the correct autocomplete option, and choose a category or a level. This will produce a Nightbot command which you can copy and paste into your chat.

Dynamic Command

You can also make a command with a bit more flexibility. The following command will allow you to pass in the game and category you want:

!commands add !wr $(urlfetch https://speedrun.travisadaily.com/api/v1/Command/DynamicRecord?command=$(querystring))

Example usage: !wr l4d2 Main Campaigns Solo

Such a command would output the following (at the time of writing):

The record for Left 4 Dead 2, Main Campaigns Solo (Any Difficulty) is 48:38 Loadless (50:15 RTA) by MrFailzz!

You can find out more info about how to use this dynamic command at the How To page: https://speedrun.travisadaily.com/HowTo/Record?dynamic=true

Issue Reporting

If you find an issue with the site, you can use my issue reporter here: https://speedrun.travisadaily.com/Feedback

Please note that the site relies on Speedrun.com’s api. So, if Speedrun.com is not responding correctly, my API may not either. That being said, my site does have a fallback when Speedrun.com is down, so there’s a chance that you’ll get a response even if Speedrun.com is down.


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