Custom API for last instagram photo posted

i need a custom command for last post has been posted in Instagram, thanks

Hey @eternity!

Please use the search bar:

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the link doesn’t open

The post that is linked should explain it pretty well. What link won’t open please elaborate more. this one

Yup… it looks like this API might be dead, and I’m not aware of any other API that would do the same thing, sorry about that.

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what should i do? can someone make a new api?

Yes, you could for example. :wink:

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and how to do that?
do u know anyone expert in this field

Here’s where you could start, you’ll also need knowledge on how to write some code.
Any experimented dev could write this for you, but I’m personally too busy.

Also, it appears it only works with Creator or Business accounts, it could be a “recent” change, you may want to try to switch your account to one of these status if it’s not already the case, and then try opening the API we linked earlier.

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