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I have been looking around for custom API for instagram, that will provide a link to the most recent instagram upload. I found a link here Lastphoto similar to Last Tweet, custom API for last instagram photo posted but I can’t get it to work. Can someone confirm the solution there is still in working order?
If it’s not working anymore, anywhere I can find a working one?

Cant confirm, but Im sure rtainc knows: @rtainc

Funnily enough I created one for the Useful Custom APIs thread but never released it. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t, but it works fine. As it uses the new URL, you can customize how it displays dates by adding parameters to the URL, e.g. “3 months, 2 weeks” (default), “3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days” (&units=3), “Aug 14th, 2015” (&format=M+jS,+Y), etc.

Get your token from, then use this URL for the latest post:
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Thanks. That worked wonders! Greatly appreciated!

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hey im sorry but i cant seem to find any private message function on this site so ill just ask you here <.<

im trying to help a friend to get this to work

Well i have looked in to the code and im pretty sure i know how it works, its just that i dont know about the database structure…
You wrote this but it dont match with the scripts.

I stored the data in my database like this: user | type image | date | finished.

Refferences to the script:
mysql_query("INSERT INTO img_request (img, channel, username, req_date) VALUES ....
mysql_query("UPDATE img_request SET finished = '1' WHERE img_request_id = ....

Hey, you should be able to see your private messages here:, I answered your question there.

oh, thanks :innocent:

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