Current_song.txt doesn't generate

Hi, today I was trying to completely setup my Twitch channel and the last thing missing is current_song.txt displaying titles on my stream.
I read older posts and tried almost everything but current_song.txt is not generating, i’m going crazy!

I downloaded the Nightbot Beta App, logged in, enabled AutoDJ and started a song, started streaming, make Nightbot join the stream and set it as Mod, tried to request a song from channel chat but nothing is changing.
I’m sure that Nightbot is creating the folder in Documents because I deleted the folder and then tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and it recreates. I even tried using this %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Nightbot\ but no current_song.txt at all.
Someone can help me?

This is driving me crazy!!!

I’m not sure how the file wouldn’t be created if the folder was, but it could be a permissions issue. Try running the app as an administrator.

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