Current !mods and !vips commands

buenos dias existe manera de crear un comando tipo !vips o !mods y que el bot me responda con los nombres que estan conectados? es decir !vips y aunque tenga 30 vips en el canal el bot solo me responda mediante texto de los que estan en online

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$(eval a=$(urlfetch json$(channel)/chatters).chatters.moderators; a.length<1?`No moderator currently online`:`Moderator currently online: ${a.join(', ')}`.slice(0,400))


$(eval a=$(urlfetch json$(channel)/chatters).chatters.vips; a.length<1?`No VIP currently online`:`VIP currently online: ${a.join(', ')}`.slice(0,400))

Good morning and apologies for not following the rules and guidelines as i´m new in this area. I´d like to know if there´s any way that when that command is executed I can see my nick type result for @pepito and another vip to see this with his nick highlighted @jaimito … is this possible?

Yes, use the $(user) variable, simply put it where you want the name to appear in the messages.
Please consider reading the documentation.

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