Currency converter with combined output


Here is the result that I would like to make

x HUF = y USD = z EUR = k AUD

What I have tried:
which gives:

x HUF = y USD x HUF = z EUR x HUF = k AUD

Can anyone help me?

thank you

Hey @nomoresquirrel!

This should do what you’re looking for:

$(eval c = s => s.replace(/\d+\sHUF\s/, ''); u = '$(urlfetch$(1)&from=HUF&to=USD)'; e = c('$(urlfetch$(1)&from=HUF&to=EUR)'); a = c('$(urlfetch$(1)&from=HUF&to=AUD)'); `${u} ${e} ${a}`;)
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thank you thank you very much

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