Csgo stats command via csgo.tracker.gg


I’ve checked across the forum and the internet first, cannot find a forum about this except one which doesn’t work/is slightly different.

I have successfully implemented a Warzone command in nightbot following a very informative forum on this site titled [Warzone custom API command] and commented by [Emily] (can’t post links)

I would like to create a CSGO command for a streamer I mod for, using the same tracker website used for the Warzone command but this time > csgo.tracker.gg

I would like the !csgo command to return something like:
Wins: $wins | Kills: $kills | Deaths: $deaths | K/D Ratio: $kd
and possibly the CSGO rank too? Although the tracker website doesn’t state the rank, not sure if this is a option in the API?

The profile I am trying to make this for is ID 76561198383806520

If someone could guide me I would appreciate it very much. Even if this tracker website isn’t the way to go, please let me know how I should proceed.


Hey @ThatSameer!

Here’s the link to the other post you mentioned.

The link to fetch the data of the user you’re trying to look up is like this:


So we’ll use:


Now, for the command, it’s actually similar to the original post, the only thing that changes slightly is the K/D ratio:

$(eval s=$(urlfetch json https://api.tracker.gg/api/v2/csgo/standard/profile/steam/76561198383806520).data.segments[0].stats; r=s.kd.value; k=s.kills.value; d=s.deaths.value; w=s.wins.value; `Wins: ${w} | Kills: ${k} | Deaths: ${d} | Kills/Deaths Ratio: ${Math.round(r*100)/100}`)
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You are SO smart, seriously.

All works just as expected. Thank you so so much


Hi @Emily,

Slightly off topic but I just want to let you know from your examples I was also able to implement a Valorant tracker off the same website, using Postman to assist.

Thank you v much

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Awesome, glad to hear my examples and guide were enough to help you out!


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