Csgo inventory value nightbot command

So i try do the first time inventory value after what i did research i found out this api (http://) (csgobackpack.net/api/GetInventoryValue/) other things i can’t find, and this api shows the inventory value of the username on steam, and updates every 5 minutes i know a little of Javascript im still in stage of learning it and maybe by using urlfetch i can figure out something if you want to help me feel free to write down in the comments. Thanks to all - Virtual

Hey @Radu_Denis!

It looks like the API responds with JSON under the text format, you can start using the data by converting it back to JSON first, which can be done like this:

$(eval const data = JSON.parse(`$(urlfetch json API_URL)`); data.success;)

It needs some changes: when you write a invalid username to give an error message, second i need for nightbot to say ‘The “skin” cost “price”’ skin i can replace with $(query) and the price with result after my thinking. Before I start create the command I need to research even more.And thanks for help.

You’re asking for more than what you listed first, please include all the information when you create a topic so we don’t go back and forth indefinitely, we’re volunteers, our time is as precious as yours, respect it.

I can’t help in the dark, I’d need a Steam userID to proceed, or the example of how a response looks like. By looking for the latter I stumbled upon the API’s documentation, and I found out that the endpoint you want to use is deprecated, therefore I don’t recommend making a command out of it, as it can stop responding tomorrow.