Cross-channel song requests

I was recently made a manager of another user’s nightbot account which worked as we expected it to. When I went back to my own stream the following day and started playing from my playlist, however, things got a little strange.

Whenever requests were made to the other streamer’s song request list (the one I managed) they were being added to my queue, too. I contacted the other streamer and had them remove me as a manager (as I couldn’t find a way to remove myself as a manager), reloaded nightbot, and everything worked as normal again.

Any idea what might have caused this? Happy to provide more details (logs etc) through DMs or similar if it would help to diagnose.


It’s possible you were still on their Nightbot dashboard instead of having switched back to yours. To switch between songlists:

Go here -
Click your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
Click on the other streamer’s name. Do the same to get back to your own songlist.


I checked this when it first happened. I was definitely under my own account and when I checked the playlist (rather than the queue) I was seeing my own playlist and playing from there under most circumstances. When requests were made on the other stream, however, they were pushed to the front of my queue. Once the requests were played or skipped control returned to my own playlist (i.e. to songs that are only on my list and not on the other streamer’s playlist).

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to try adding requests to my own stream to see if the same thing happened in the opposite direction.

I played around with the dashboard a bit and I came across what you were talking about.

Steps to reproduce bug:
1: Go to
2: Click your account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the other person’s name to swap to their song requests list.
3: Reload the page (Ctrl+R).
4: Click the other person’s account icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click on your name to swap back to your song requests list.
5: Request a song through the other person’s chat (that isn’t already on their song requests list) with !sr (song name)

This bug can also be reproduced by going to your list, reloading, swapping to the other person’s list, and requesting songs through your chat.

To fix this just simply reload the page (Ctrl+R). This will clear away all the songs from your list that were requested in the other person’s chat.

Thanks for reproducing/verifying. It’s worth mentioning that I use the desktop app rather than the browser based version (virtually the same, I know :slight_smile:) and moving away from, then back to, the auto DJ does clear the requests. Any new requests from the other channel still just seem to get added to the local queue, however.

I don’t know if that is also reproducible in the web version but seemed to be the case for the app. As I said in the original post I had myself removed as a manager from the other streamer’s account but could set up another account to add myself as a manager to if that helps at all.

Possibly related, possibly not - when I was removed as manager I could still make changes to the other channel’s queue and so on, and the cross-channel queuing still happened, until I completely closed the app and started it up again.

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