Creation of a Nightbot plugin / integration


To introduce myself, I’m the lead developer of the Modern Warfare Discord Bot (you can find the website using google since I’m not allowed to post links in here, which I understand). I have received multiple requests to bring the commands my bot offers into a Nightbot integration.

I was wondering the following:

  • With the integration and the REST API (with OAuth) I don’t think it’s possible to create a full ‘plugin’ that users of nightbot can activate on their nightbot installation so it can communicate with my back-end system for pulling stats. Is this correct?
  • Who would I have to contact to figure out if there is a possiblity of creating a full ‘plugin’ that nightbot users can activate on their account so they can use my bot’s commands to return information into their stream chat?

The commands that I offer with my Modern Warfare Discord Bot are mostly commands that show you your Modern Warfare (2019) stats, history and match tracking to your Discord server, I want to expand (per request by multiple of my users) this ability to users of nightbot as well.

An alternative solution would be to write my own Twitch plugin that can offer these possibilities, but to help one another I would love to be able to integrate this into the existing features that Nightbot already offers.

Thanks in advance,
Andries ‘iShot’ Verbanck

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Hey @iShot!

I don’t have answers to your questions, but have you thought of creating a custom API Nightbot would pull out data from with $(urlfetch)?
As you can see, we already have a lot of custom API posted on our forum.

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