Creating a timer that only activates based on the game i'm playing

Hi so I want to create some timers about games that only activate when I have that game set as my category.

For example when I playing the Bannerlord Twitch Intergration and i want my Documentation to appear for the chat every now and then I would like it too only appear when i’m playing Bannerlord and not when I’m playing something far different.

thank you in advance

Hey @agitated_panda!

Have a look here:

Please use the search bar before opening a new topic, searching for “timer game” gave me those results.

Thank you for this.

If I was to make it for only 1 game would I just remove `SPECIFIC_GAME2
Thank you

And say the game is Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord does that just get written as Mount_&_Blade_II:_Bannerlord?

No, write it the same way Twitch writes it, so if it doesn’t have underscores, don’t use underscores.

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