Creating a command to search for specific things

My family do bible study streams and have been wanting a way to do a command to search for bible verses via a website or even google. just somewhere that we can easily access and share to our chat. is there a way to do this?

lucky for u, my desire to help people outweighs my moral objection to bible thumping… i did a quick google search for “free bible api” there r several of them, but u have to sign up to get an api key… i’ll let u find one u like… several of them do offer instructions on how to implement them yourself, but if u’d like help with it, just lemme know which one u pick and DO NOT share your api key…

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We would love help trying to figure this all out. Totally appriecate it. Have an API key already, just never knew what to do with it

which api did u pick? api site. Was the first one the list.

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