Creating a command for giveaway with the winners name in it

First time poster,

wondering if there is a way to create a command for when someone wins the giveaway, to have their name displayed.
!giveawayWinner Congratz (Winners name) for winning the giveaway… (blah, blah, blah)

would this be a query command that i would want to create or is there no way to do this?
I tried looking on the forum to see if there was anything like this but didn’t see anything
any help would be appreciated!

-Thankyou =D

If you are using the Giveaway system within the Nightbot control panel, it already congratulates the winner in chat as soon as they win.

I am not currently using the giveaway system in the nightbot control panel.
I am currently using the chrome extension for the giveaways on stream.
would it be easy to create something that would display there name?
or would it be easier to use nightbot giveaway command? (obviously the answer is that it is easier to just use nightbot giveaway command but if there is any way to code into nightbot commands to get it to display the viewers name with a different message)

or is there a way to modify the current message that is already displayed?

If you are insistent on making your own command, follow the examples for the $(touser) variable on the docs: