Counting for noobs please help

i have a command:
!addcom -ul=mod !addeath $(channel) has Died $(count) times!
which outputs:
channel has died x+1 times
i need a command to behave as follows:
output :channel has died x times

i thought of sticking to using count but you cant read the count variable you can only call it to increase the value.Nor can you decrease count,which is stupid as how do i count down levels left to complete of a game

I need night bot to allow user defined variables count = count +1 ,count = count -1,print(count)
number = 234 but unfortunately it doesn’t so i am stucky jerry rigging code with chewinggum and staples and ALOT of caffeine

Hey @burntargoniain!

There are a lot of topic covering that already, please use the search bar before opening a new one.
Here’s a link to one I answered before:

Also $(count) can only go up, but to solve your remaining levels issue, what you can do is:

Amount of levels left: $(eval TOTAL_LEVELS_AMOUNT - $(count))

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