Counting Command

I’m trying to create a command for my stream. Every time I die, I have to do 5 sit ups. Is there a way to create a command that would say “Streamer has died amount of times and done Amount of sit ups this stream.”? I’m new to Nightbot so I’m not sure if this is even possible. Thanks!


This is the setup for a command called !situps that increases the amount of deaths by 1 and the amount of situps by 5. Just copy and paste this into your chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !situps $(eval a=$(count);`$(channel) has died ${a} times and done ${a*5} sit ups this stream.`)

And what is the way that I let viewers add to/change the command? by typing !situps? Also, how do I reset it each new stream?

The command is already set up such that viewers can use it. Any viewer just has to type !situps

To reset, type:

!editcom !situps \-c=0

Thanks for the help!

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