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Hi there, I’m quite new to streaming, setups etc… I’m wondering how to set up commands such as “NS” ( Nice shot ) , “WP” ( well played ) and “NT” ( Nice Try ) when those words are mentioned ( maybe every 5 times they’re mentioned would be nice. If you could describe It as simple for me to understand, I’d appreciate It.

what do u want them to do?.. just spell out the full words? (also nightbot only responds to the first word in the message, if they say it at the end it won’t trigger the command)

Hi, so for an example I saw with streamers frequently when the word for “NS” Is writing, nightbot then say ( This person has hit … Number of nice shots ) Counting up all the NS’s

With “WP” It just triggers a positive message of well played etc…

With “NT” it triggers a sentence like Nice Try etc…

Hopefully that makes sense

Hey @Mbue!

Since you’re new, we recommend you read the documentation first.
Now, regarding your commands, here are examples:

  • ns:

    !addcom ns $(channel) has hit $(count) nice shots!
  • wp:

    !addcom wp $(eval const counter = $(count); counter % 5 === 0 ? `RESPONSE_TO_BE_SENT_EVERY_5_TIMES_THE_COMMAND_IS_CALLED` : ' ';)
  • nt, if you add the command through the dashboard:

    • Command: nt

With this brief answer to your post, that should cover what you asked for and teach you how to use the bot, assuming you also read the documentation.

sorry to poke, but u missed the “er”… counter % 5 === 0

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No worries, thanks for spotting it, it’s now fixed!

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Thank you both for your help! I’m pretty sure I didn’t read the documentatuon so I will read It!


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