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Hey! I’m new to nightbot… I was wondering if there is a way to make a command for a countdown from 5 secs to 0 sec. And each second is displayed. Like you activate the countdown by sending !startcountdown and from there nightbot sends individual messages once second apart from each other…



There is an API that can make Nightbot send multiple messages in one command using the ‘send channel message’ endpoint but this is limited to 1 message per 5 seconds. It’s not possible to make it send a message for each second within a 5-second interval. Your best bet is to make Nightbot send 2 messages within 5 seconds of each other like this:

!addcom -cd=5 !countdown $(urlfetch in 5 seconds.../GO!)

I added and test it but it only sends it “Starting in 5 secs”

What platform are you trying this on? Seems to work fine for me.

Sorry - Nightbot Noob here !! Where do we put that command ? In the chat ? Tried it in chat but didn’t appear to do anything

The command setup I provided can be simply copied and pasted into chat to create the command !countdown

But you must also have Nightbot joined to your channel. To do this:
1: Go to
2: Login with your YouTube/Twitch account.
3: On the dashboard, click the button in the upper right hand corner “Join Channel”

Other things to do:
1: Make sure you aren’t ignoring Nightbot.
2: Make sure Nightbot isn’t banned in your channel.
3: Make sure Nightbot is modded.
4: If the streaming platform is YouTube, your stream must be live and set to public. If not, you can’t add the command through chat, you need to use the dashboard to add the command.

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AHHHH - Worked out why it didn’t work before - I had !commands command disabled !! Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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