Countdown for every wednesday

I would like to make a countdown for every other wednesday at a specific time…Im not sure how to do this any idea?

What do you mean by “countdown”? Do you want a command that tells the remaining time until the next time? Or a timer that sends a message at that time?

I think you would need 2 commands, assuming you want to be able to check the countdown without modifying it; One to set the countdown and one to check the countdown, is that okay?

So both would be helpful @am_1

a countdown with a message to be sent at a specific time say every other Wednesday at 8pm EST

another command with a countdown to 8pm EST on Wednesday every other week

This isn’t possible without custom code, which nobody here will probably help you with.

You would need to combine the countdown with eval to likely accomplish this.

I made a command that will tell your users when the next event occurs. I am still thinking about how to implement the timer that sends a message on 8pm on every other Wednesday.


Time until the next event: $(countdown $(eval now = new Date(); next = new Date(now.getTime()); next.setDate(now.getDate() - now.getDay() + 3); next.setHours(20); next.setMinutes(0); next.setSeconds(0); while(next < now || next.getDate() % 2 == 0){next.setDate(next.getDate() + 7)} next.toISOString() + " UTC"))

If you try to add !countdown through Twitch chat using !commands add, the || in the above code will be ignored, causing the command not to work. So you need to add this command through the Nightbot website (

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