Count wins and losses for specific servers

Hi guys.

I’ve been searching the forums but I don’t find something that suits what I’m looking for.

I play a board game in different servers, and I want to keep track of wins and losses for each one of them, so I want to have a command like: !server1 to show a message like “streamer has x wins and x losses in this server”, and so on with server 2, 3, etc.

This would mean having a command like !addwinserver1 and !addlossserver1, or something along those lines.

Is this possible in some kind of easy way?
Thanks a lot

The easiest way would be to use the [CustomAPI] Quote system of you don’t know how to use it tell me and I can write out the commands for you.

Thank you for your help, although I really don’t understand the quote system in relation to counting. If you would write at least a couple of the commands for me so I can see how they work, it would be great.

Thanks a lot

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