Count wins and Losses for Games

I’m trying to have commands for my Win / Loss Record in a game, for example : !wl shows the record Wins: (number of wins) - Losses: (number of losses) , then for !wlw it adds a win and !wll add a loss in the record command which is !wl , Any idea on how I’m supposed to do that?

Hey @iikou!

Have a look here:

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Thank you for this , but I’m still having trouble, even when I reset the entries the record is still there when I add new ones every stream , it will say 0-0 but when I add more entries it will add on the old ones and show the total of the old and new record , i just want to show the win and lose record for each stream and not the total. Thanks

You have to use all three reset commands to completely clear the counters, there’s no more efficient way of doing this at the moment.
The issue you’re reporting suggests that you either don’t use !gwreset and !glreset (or their equivalent in your commands); or that you haven’t implemented them properly: how did you add them, and what do they currently look like in the dashboard?

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