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Hi! I’m a moderator for my partner’s stream, and neither of us have a computer, so I do all the editing from my iPad. For some reason when I copy and paste code in the chat it doesn’t load, or just brings up the list of commands. I was able to get a counter working but I can’t seem to figure out a way to reset it, or how to let viewers see that number without adding to it. Could someone please help me figure this out? Thank you in advance!

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Alright, this isn’t very hard to do but I’ll talk you through it.

Lets first of all make a command that shows the current count:

!addcom !count

This is the command normal viewers can use to check the current count. Now lets make one so you can add 1 to that count.

!addcom !add -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !count The current count is: $(count)

Now this is a command only moderators can use, they can use !add to add 1 up to the counter but this won’t work for normal viewers. Now lets say, the counter should be at 50 already. You can simply do:

!editcom !add -c=49

This changes the current count to 49 but doesn’t change the !counter command (this stays empty). You have to use the !add once, now the counter is up to 50 and it has also changed the !counter command. Finally to reset your counter. You can either repeat the line above but change 49 to -1 and use !add once to update !counter to 0 OR you can make a !resetcount:

!addcom !resetcount -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !add -c=-1

This is helpful if you need to reset your counter frequently. And here you also have to use !add once after you used !resetcount to update !counter.

Hope this helped!


It took me a while to get there, but I think I’m finally there, thank you!!!

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