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Count only the amount of times a mod or owner uses a command

so my streamer does squats on stream and wants nightbot to keep count by using !squat. however nightbot counts everytime !squat is used by everyone even if only mods/owner can use them. is there a way to only count the amount of time a mod/owner uses the command?

Do 10 squats has been redeemed $(count) times for a total of $(eval 10 * $(count) -10) squats today! The squat cult has been satisfied!

You could have a separate command like !addsquat that can only be called by a mod and adds ten squats

!addcom !addsquat -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !squat $(channel) has done $(eval var count=$(count);Math.floor(count*10)) squats!
!addcom !squat $(channel) has done x squats!