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I need help.
I want to create a command that tells how many times the person has pressed the Bell, but I do not know how to do it
This is what I have so far
!commands add! bell /$(touser) pressed the bell of the shack ($(count) times)

and also requires a timer in which the user can only use the command every 30 minutes

The syntax for your command is just a bit off. Also, the maximum cooldown you can set on a command is 300 seconds (5 minutes), so that’s how I’ve set it up for you. Just copy and paste this into your chat:

!addcom -cd=300 !bell $(touser) pressed the bell of the shack ($(count) times)

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thank you for your help
I forgot to comment that the count was per person and not in total for example:
I pressed the bell 3 times
You pressed the bell 5 times.

Is this command set up for this?
Can you help me again?

This setup is not user-specific. I will privately message you what commands to add.

I’m also having trouble with the Count variable. Previously on my channel I had commands to keep track of how many times I’ve died in a game (one command to add a death and one command to check how many time I’ve died so far without adding one). The problem is that when I could not figure out how to make the latter command with Nightbot, I wound up making both of them with another bot that had a custom variables system which enabled me to increase the count of the death variable with command 1 and check the current count with command 2. Now that the bot I was using for that is no longer functioning on my channel, I’m once again trying to get it to work with Nightbot, but I’m running into the same problem I had before: I can’t manage to create a command to check the current count of another command.

So in short, what I’m trying to achieve is:
Command1: Standard counter command that adds 1 when used. I have achieved this one.
Command2: A way to check the current count of Command1 without increasing it. This is the one that eludes me. Is there any way to achieve this using Nightbot?

Is there a way to reset the counter to reflect 0? For example, if someone comes into the stream and goes to check how many times I’ve died already but I haven’t yet, I don’t want it saying 1, which seems to be the result when using the reset commands as you’ve lain out. I tried changing the reset command to -c=-1 but it just read it as 1, ignoring the negative part.

-1 does work. Try !commands add !resetcounter -a=!commands edit !addcounter \-c=-1

That’s weird then because that’s exactly what I tried and it didn’t work at first. I had to manually change the interval from the dashboard instead but it seems to be working now. Thanks for the help

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