Could Someone Assist me with Nightbot Commands for Twitch Channel?

Hello there,

I am new to streaming on Twitch and recently incorporated Nightbot into my channel to enhance the viewer experience. While I have been able to set up some basic commands; I am finding myself a bit stuck and could really use some guidance from the experienced members of this community.

Mainly, I am struggling with creating custom commands and integrating them seamlessly into my streams. I want to add commands that engage my audience; provide useful information; and add a touch of personality to my channel. Although, I am not quite sure how to execute this effectively.

Here are a few areas where I could use assistance;

I would like to create commands that trigger responses related to frequently asked questions; channel memes; or inside jokes. How do I set up these custom commands; and are there any best practices I should follow?

I am interested in scheduling messages to appear in the chat at specific intervals or during certain events in my stream. How can I configure Nightbot to send timed messages; and what options are available for customization?

I have seen other streamers use interactive commands that allow viewers to participate in mini-games; polls; or giveaways. How can I implement these features using Nightbot; and are there any limitations I should be aware of?

Overall; I am eager to learn more about maximizing Nightbot;s potential to engage with my audience and create a welcoming community on my channel.

Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

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Hi Liza_Clara!
You can setup custom commands from here: Nightbot
If you’re new, I would suggest you to first take a look at Nightbot’s documentation from here:

  1. There’s a separate section called Timers which you can access to schedule your messages to appear in the chat at specific intervals. Here’s how you can access it: Nightbot
  2. For setting up giveaways, check out: Nightbot
  3. Polls can be set up using the /poll command on Twitch. I don’t know if you require Nightbot for that.
  4. For setting up mini-games like 8-Ball, Seppuku, Russian Roulette, and Love-Meter, I would suggest taking a look at Moobot or StreamElements(I personally prefer Moobot!) They have a section for default commands where you can set up these mini-games. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to do it on Nightbot as of now.
  5. For creating specific commands for your community like inside jokes, memes, etc. I think the best practice would be to create a pastebin with all the jokes and memes and then use Nightbot’s syntax to fetch the information from that pastebin. Maybe you can try posting a different question for this if you need help! :slight_smile:
    Hope you are successful in making your chat interaction a fun and interesting one! All the best. :smiley:

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