Copyright notice

I received a copyright notice from twitch and youtube for music in autoDJ. Is there a way I can browse what I have played to verify this.

If the violation is valid, is this working as intended? My understanding was that autoDJ only played royalty free music. Thanks for the info!

I too would like an answer to this. I played music from autodj and youtube has partially blocked my video. It says the video cannot be monetized bc if the music I played from nightbot. I thought this was a royalty free app.

Hey @jerry247 and @HEELSyeah14!

You’re responsible for what AutoDJ is playing. Monstercat offer their playlist, but it’s not copyright-free music. It’s your job to curate copyright-free music if you want to avoid copyright notice. Music the labels/artists agree that you can play on stream is most of the time still copyrighted, so it doesn’t make you immune to copyright notice.

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