Cooldown does not work


I am making a Game in my stream which you type the command !geilometer and the user gets a random number 0-100.
If he gets 100 he will get a point for my toplist.
My problem: If someone hits the 100, I disabled the command for 24 h.
Now I changed it with start of the beta, and wanted to increase the cooldown time from 15s, 30s, 60 s, 300 s…
But I tested it with the community and the cooldown is always at 5 s (?).
Need help here. What I am doing wrong.

Thanks for help:

There are currently some issues with the cool down and permit/allow system. They will be resolved this week.

Sorry to ask again.

Any progress on that issue?

As was stated, it will be resolved sometime this week. I do not have an exact time of when it will be fixed.

Still not working. Is the cooldown also valid for mod and owner?

The cooldown function seems to be working fine. Owners and mods still abide from that cooldown.

The cooldown issues were resolved already. If you are still having issues please post replication steps.

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