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I need a counter command that automatically increases by 1 automatically each time i win a crown in fortnite. Not sure if this is even possible. Additionally, i need a counter command for how many games I’ve won since the stream started. If that is even possible. Help :cry:

uh… “automatically” can only happen with a 3rd party api… but a counting command we can do immediately…
everybody command to show it can say something like…

!addcom !wins We have 0 wins so far on this stream.

and then a mod command to increase the count…

!addcom !win -a=!commands edit !wins We have $(eval let c=$(count);`${c} win${c==1?``:`s`}`) so far on this stream.

and i forget the fancy way to reset the count, but u can go to the command in the dashboard and adjust it there, or maybe somebody that remembers it better can help with that

Igot the first one done. It was simple but the second one I’m having trouble with.

That’s the second time I’m seeing -a= what does that mean?

Is this correct? You have to break down these things with example numbers as if you’re doing it to your own stream. I’m not experienced enough to know where to put numbers. I’ll copy the string exactly the way you put it and if it doesn’t work i wouldn’t know why. So as an example let’s say i just won the first crown of the day and my current crown count is 65

1 (!addcom !crownwin $(count) 65) work?

2 (!addcom !1up -a= !commands edit !crownwin We have $(eval); $(count) 65 crowns so far) work?

-a= is to set the alias… if u’re doing it in the dashboard u just type what’s after that into the alias box at the bottom of the command…
and oh, i thought only one crown per win… so what exactly r we accumulating? just crowns or crowns AND wins?.. apparently i’m not as familiar with fortnite as i thought, lol, i dinna know u could get more than one crown XD

I figured it all out. Do you have a command that will post a random conversation topic?

I want to say “!convo” and the response should be a random conversation topic. I think it’s an api urlfetch or something. I wish i knew how to create this stuff myself id probably have a blast

Here is a list of topic I scraped from Capitalize My Title


!addcom !convo $(eval p=$(urlfetch json; e=p[Math.floor(Math.random()*p.length)]; e)


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Thank you so much. I’ll paste it exactly the way it is. I appreciate it very much.

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