Configuring the Blacklist (with RegExp)

Hello, I don’t know English well, but I’ll try to describe what I want. You cannot tell which RegExp code to add to block a word in which letters of any or most alphabets, numbers, symbols are used. For example, h3ll,0 (hello) or other words without a space. I need at least English and Russian. I hope you understood me correctly.

Hey @0ld5choo7!

So you want to block words that contain letters replaced by numbers in them?

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Yes. But not only. I want to prevent writing the word:
1 - with letters and numbers (in one word), for example - g3nre.
2 - with letters and symbols (in one word), for example - w#or*d
3 - with a triple letter in a row, like nnn or yyy, for example - nnnew.
4 - which contains letters from different alphabets (in one word), for example - fиолеtovoe.
5. A sentence in which there are more than 3 single letters in a row written with a space. For example - j k r
Languages: Russian, English,

You’re asking for quite a lot, and some are quite complex, it seems like it’s over-preventive as well, like, no chat ever have such issues… So given all this, and that we gave many RegExp on the forums already, I’ll give you some answers I think will work, but it’s up to you to fix them if they don’t. Here’s a guide to RegExp to help.

  1. /([A-z]+[0-9]+)|([0-9]+[A-z]+)/
  2. Can’t think of one that’d work, would likely bring issues with punctuation if a RegExp is found to work
  3. Can’t think of one that’d work
  4. /([A-z]+[\u0400-\u04FF]+)|([\u0400-\u04FF]+[A-z]+)/
  5. /([A-z]\s){4,}/

If you want to limit your chat to Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, you can do so like this:

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Thanks a lot! Unfortunately, in the chat that I moderate, this is the method used by those who want to write forbidden words on Twitch. I will test, and I can write down here what and how it works.

If people go through so much effort to write forbidden words, maybe the blacklist is too restrictive in the first place, either that, or the community is quite toxic and needs to be taught good manners, for that you have timeouts and bans to set examples, calm the trouble makers and the others will follow. Of course using Nightbot’s blacklist is a good way to automate the moderation, but this won’t teach people to behave, it’s a solution to treat a symptom, not to treat a cause, they’ll keep finding new ways to bypass limitations if they’re too restrictive or if they really want to be toxic.

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