!Commercial command on youtube doesn't work

After !commercial 30 command bot says:
Irman -> YouTube’s API returned an error. Try again later.

But i can enable advertising on my stream manually…

Yeah I’m having the same issue here, none of the commercial commands work on YouTube.
Also, how do I keep Nightbot enabled without having to log in every hour or so? Running a 24 / 7 live stream and would like to automate commercials. :slight_smile:

I apologize for the late reply. This issue should now be resolved. Please double check to see that it does work.

Hmm, it’s still returning a youtube API error for me. Are there specific lengths that work or don’t work on youtube? Just tried different parameters, still returns the same error. :confused: Thanks for the great service either way, hope we can get this resolved. Also any recommendation for the having to log in thing? If I just leave the dashboard page open, will it stay logged in or will it log me out after a while automatically?

So I think I’ve tracked down the issue and implemented a fix. Access tokens were expiring and not being refreshed for YouTube’s API. They should now automatically refresh. Let me know if this fixes the issue for you. If it does not, try logging out and logging back into the Nightbot website (which manually refreshes your access token).

Sounds good. Seems like Nightbot isn’t responding at all at the moment, but I’ll check if it works once it’s back up. Thanks for the quick fix, really great to see such an amazing service.

Hmm it’s still returning an error like before. :frowning:

After trying out the commercial command for your channel, it would seem that Nightbot doesn’t have permission to use the live cuepoints API offered by YouTube. I will reach out to YouTube to see if there’s a way we can get access.

Perfect. Hey, do you know if there is currently any way to embed YouTube chat like in Twitch? I’m trying to set up some custom functionalities and build in the stream in an external website, but haven’t found a way to embed YouTube chat. Seems like the API is kind of limited at the moment, I hope they add functionalities like that.

There is not an iframe at present. I asked for one in the past because Nightbot’s control panel needs one, and they stated it’s not finished yet but it is coming.

Ah right, great to hear they are working on it. Thanks for all the feedback once again, this has all been super helpful.

Also can you post an update in this topic regarding the commercial issue once YouTube gets back to you? Thanks!

I’ve already heard back that it’s an API only MCNs can utilize. The staff member I was talking to wasn’t sure why, and he’s looking into it further.

And what are the prospects? I wouldn’t connect to MCN, cause my previous MCN delete all my videos for 3 millions of views =(

What news about commercial command?

There is no new news, sorry. YouTube moves very slowly, so I doubt this will be possible soon, but maybe eventually.

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