Commands suddenly being removed?

I am a moderator of a twitch channel. I add a command, Nightbot says its been added successfully. Then I later go to test it, and it works. I then go to edit it and Nightbot says the command doesn’t exist once I finish the edit. This doesn’t make any sense, so I test the command again in case something happened and it doesn’t work anymore. Why?

I made sure I typed everything correctly, no spelling errors, and i’m still having this issue… here’s the entire process:

!commands add !energycount 20%

Nightbot: @k_yro -> The command “!energycount” has been added successfully.


Nightbot: 20%

!commands edit !energycount 50%

Nightbot: @k_yro -> There was an error editing the command. Error: command does not exist


(stopped working)

I add the command again and it still bugs like this once I edit the command. How do I fix this… why is the command suddenly removed / breaking

Most likely either another moderator or the streamer deleted the command. How often has this been happening and does it happen with every command?

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