Commands saying

I’m stuck on a command that I want to say in the stream twitch
It is
$(twitch night “MajikGotSkillz87)!commands $(!commands$(query))likes when I say” !daddy $(daddy$(query))
My I doing this right

Hey @xxgamer_girlxx02!

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what your command is supposed to do/output, even by looking at the code you provided, this is so confusing.

Could this be a !daddy command that answers “MajikGotSkillz87 likes when I say daddy,” or “MajikGotSkillz87 likes when I say QUERY?”

In the former case you can add the command through the chat like so:

!addcom !daddy MajikGotSkillz87 likes when I say daddy

In the latter case it’d be:

!addcom !daddy MajikGotSkillz87 likes when I say $(query)

If you add your commands through the dashboard: discard !addcom, !daddy goes in the Command field, and the rest in the Message field.

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