Commands not working on Trovo

Commands are not working on Trovo.
My logs work and the stream messages are detected but the commands not work correctly.

Hey @1kuro!

Please use the search bar:

Sorry for the inconvenience, poke Trovo about it.


I searched it for a while but didn’t find anything, I guess I didn’t look up well.
Thanks for the nice and fast answer!

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Meanwhile, Nightbot still doesn’t work on Trovo…

I think more than just you would have complained if it wasn’t working for a week most likely the token expired again. This is not nights fault as trovo is the one who needs to fix the issue with the tokens there is nothing that can really be done. Look forward to seeing you in a month :slight_smile:

This is indeed the same issue where our access expires after a month. They attempted to fix the issue last month, but the fix did not work. I messaged them last week and have yet to get a reply back. In the meantime we’ve manually renewed the access again.

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