!Commands Mess Up


So I mod for another channel and being me, I named the command list “!Commands” so now I can’t add/delete any other commands because nightbot recognizes the !Commands as the command list. Is there any way for me to get rid of that command? Or does the streamer have to go in and change it?

(Hope this makes sense)

@joetatoheadz Welcome to the community. Yeah, there is a way to delete that custom command (!commands). Thanks to Nightbot as it supports alias.

This will delete that custom command (!commands)

!delcom !commands

But, if you don’t want to delete and still want to add commands, then use !addcom


Hope this work. Regards

Thank you so much for responding!
So when I do !delcom !commands, it’s gonna recognize the !delcom first? Just want to clarify!

Thank you again

@joetatoheadz Yes. I am wondering how did you add that command (!commands) in custom commands, as when I tried to make a custom command named !commands it gave me Server commands other than /me are blocked.

Anyways, if you delete the command, Nightbot would responds like this.

Ritik_Ranjan: !delcom !commands
Nightbot: @Ritik_Ranjan -> The command "!commands" has been deleted successfully.


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