Commands list showing every command (even mod only ones)?

I just saw that in the command list shows every command (even mod only commands). Is it possible to filter those so that it shows only the commands everyone can use and hide the mod only commands?


Type !commands to get a link to your commands list. Go to that page. There’s a search box in the commands list. Type in “everyone” and it will show you all commands which have the userlevel set to everyone.

What I meant specifically is that it standard shows only the commands with userlevel everyone and automatically hides the mod only commands when you go on the site.

It doesn’t hide the mod only commands, it just specifies the required user level to use it ranging from everyone to owner (meaning only the streamer can use it). If you aren’t seeing the mod only commands, it’s because there aren’t any.

Aah okay. Thank you.

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