Commands league of legends ~ help

Hey guys, how r u? hope u guys are fine.
Well, i wanted a command that shows the viewers elo. Example:
Viewer called AMANDA wants to show her elo so she type !myrank in my chat and then the bot says her elo.

I already have my own elo commands but im looking for viewers elo command and im not finding. Can u guys help me?

And plus, someone knows if the command about the queue is up? I mean, when u type !queue and it shows the teammate elo like the top, mid, jg, adc and sup elo.

Thank u! :slight_smile:
(and yes, i’ve checked the command list by nightbot and did a lot of research but i didnt find what i want)

Hiya, you can just copy paste your own ELO command into a new one, and just replace your username with $(query).
Then people can use: !elo username

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I think im stupid bc its not working, its says “Nightbot: Summoner name provided not found.”

Im doing this way: !addcom !meuelo $(leagueoflegends l$(query))

what am I doing wrong?

Try removing the letter L before $(query).

<3 much love

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