Commands deleted, but still going off


I can’t find the right string of keywords to find the right trouble shoot and all similar issues seem to be dead threads with no answer.

I had a timed commands that went off for my charity month. Was to go off a couple times a hour, no big deal. Month ended, so I removed the timer and deleted the command. However it is still going off at will without me seemingly unable to stop it.

Any advice for me? :slight_smile: I am worried the only solution I have left is deleting the program and my account and shamefully starting it over.

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The right string of keywords are in other live streams.

Try MDM live sub count with Nightbot in when ! yt name or !command
For example on other live streams say !commands and Nightbot will get you the link to the commands.

hint:If your on YouTube search up sub count you will find sub counts. try to find one with Nightbot in.

I am looking for something to stop a message from auto spamming in my twitch comments. Not a live count issue? Though I will still try this once I get home.

Dnt give anyone timeout without any mistake

if u’ve doubled checked and the timer and command r both gone AND no other bot is also saying the same thing… i would try parting the bot and rejoining…

It’s an auto timed commands for it to go off. Nothing to do with anyone else.

This didn’t work the first time, so I did it again and left it for a hour and it ended up working. I must’ve pushed the rejoin too quickly.

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