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Is there a way for nightbot to display multiple messages in chat after a command is issued? I have a couple of instances where i’d like to use a similar type of command… Such as a !raidmsg command where Nightbot posts 2 messages after the command is initiated for copypasta options. The other way I want to use this is just a silly and fun thing… if the command !argue is initiated, nightbot posts a series of responses, arguing with itself.

I initially wanted to do the argument between two bots, but nightbot is the only bot that I have that allows for text input and doesnt require a ! to initiate the command, so I couldn’t make the text from one response initiate another bot to initiate a command… so I’m hoping I can get nightbot just to argue with itself lol.

I did try using the text from nightbots previous response as a command to initiate another, but i’m assuming nightbot doesn’t recognize it’s own text as a command prompt, so unfortunately it looks like I need an actual proper command and it’s not as simple as i’d hoped it would be :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @geekmeow!

Nightbot doesn’t read its own messages to prevent looping. You’ll have to use an API for sending multiple message from one command.

If you want a simple tool, use the multiple messages tool by VXRL.

Or there’s @RokettoJanpu’s API which does the same thing, but has less limitations in my opinion:


Replace the MESSAGE_x fields by the messages you want to send (maximum 6 messages), INTERVAL_IN_SECONDS by the amount of delay between the different messages (minimum 5s), and set DELAY to 0 if you want the first message to be sent without delay, or 1 if you want the second message to be impacted by the delay.

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Thank you SO MUCH.

I think this is exactly what i’m looking for. I’ll test it out this week.

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