Command to play song for set people

So I’m trying to set up a command where when someone types in !Gracie the text shows and a song immediately gets requested how can I do this

I think what your asking could be done with the alias option though I’m not sure exactly what you want to happen? Can you explain if you want !Gracie to replace the !songrequest command or if when you type it do you want it to play a specific song?

I want it to be able to be person specific so it will play set song when typed

So what I’m getting is that you want only one person to be able to use the command? If so use this.

!addcom !Gracie -a=!sr $(eval `$(user)`==`NAME_OF_USER`?`SONG_NAME_OR_LINK`:` `)

It will only request the song if the person you want using it uses it. If anyone else uses it it will return an error.
NAME_OF_USER is the username of whomever you want to be able to use it. Also make sure all the letters in the name are lowercase.

Wat I meant is to have it so that the song is automatically requested when the command is used so that anyone can type the command but that song will be linked directly to that command almost like !sr but without having to search for it or type it

Ok yeah just use the alias the like this:

!addcom !Gracie -a=!sr NAME_OF_SONG_OR_LINK

Anytime someone types !Gracie the song will be requested

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