Command to have Nightbot give its currency out to a random twitch viewer

I found a custom API command (url fetch) but havent found one that works yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

This is the one i tried, maybe i just did it wrong?

$(urlfetch [$(channel)]

I set it up as a timer but it never worked

Nightbot does not support a currency system.

Yes i know that, what im trying to do is set it up so Nightbot gives away the points it earns in my stream

So Nightbot would !givepoints $(randomuser) (# of points)

Try setting the message for the timer like this, set 100 to the amount of points you want (Nightbot can’t really check how many points it has).

!givepoints $(urlfetch$(channel)) 100

Hey so thats exactly what ive been using, but when the timer executes it says invalid username, am i supposed to put my name in where it says channel?

Dont replace anything in that url, leave $(channel) as it is, this will automaticly be replace by Nightbot.

Cheers thats where i think the confusion was, some posts were saying to replace channel

Just wanted to say thank you, got it working

Nice, glad it works!

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