Command to fetch specific info

Hello guys
I wonder if it’s possible to create a command which can fetch the specific ranking of a tennis player from a pastebin list. For example this week’s top ten players are:

  1. Carlos Alcaraz
  2. Novak Djokovic
  3. Daniil Medvedev
  4. Holger Rune
  5. Casper Ruud
  6. Jannik Sinner
  7. Stefanos Tsitsipas
  8. Andrey Rublev
  9. Taylor Fritz
  10. Frances Tiafoe

and I would like a command called !rank player’s_last_name to respond in which ranking position the desired player is. Not only for the top ten though, I’d like to have one with the first 100 players in the world. Do you think it can be done? there’s a limit of characters in nighbot as you already know.

all at once, no… not just the limit in nightbot, but twitch has a 400 character limit too… 100 names could only be 4 characters long with no spaces in between…

The idea of the command is to bring up just one name, not the whole list.

sorry, i was hoping somebody else would jump in… i can try and mess with it, but i’m not really familiar with pastebin…but i would need a paste to play with, so pass one over and i’ll see what i can do ^^

Possible you can drop the pastebin that contains the data ?
I can give a shot.