Command stopped working

Hi so before Valorant updated, these commands would work, then suddenly stopped working yesterday and then worked after some time yesterday, now today both commands aren’t working… I attached the screenshot, maybe you guys can provide help on how to fix them
Screenshot 2024-05-04 172620

can you provide the custom command that you are using?

Sure! here’s the both of them: $(urlfetch … $(eval m=‘$(urlfetch json’;r=JSON.parse(m);m=0;w=0;l=0;c=new Date();for(i=0;;i++){d=Math.abs(c-new Date([i].date));[i].last_mmr_change;if(d>86400000){break;}p>0?w+=1:l+=1;m+=p;}mbue is ${m>0?"UP":"DOWN"} ${m}RR. He's ${w}-${l} in the last 24hrs.:wink: they were working perfectly until recently

Here is the fixed code for the second one, the first API might be down is why its not working?

$(eval m='$(urlfetch json';r=JSON.parse(m);m=0;w=0;l=0;c=new Date();for(i=0;;i++){d=Math.abs(c-new Date([i].date));[i].last_mmr_change;if(d>86400000){break;}p>0?w+=1:l+=1;m+=p;};`mbue is ${m>0?"UP":"DOWN"} ${m}RR. He's ${w}-${l} in the last 24hrs.`;)

Thank you so much for the help! If you come across a solution for the first one, let me know, please!