Command Not Working

What my command says… it is supposed to say .4 ADS .55 scoped
All other commands work fine… I have no clue what it means by commands are blocked… Thanks for any help!

Twitch chat commands (timeout, ban, unban, mod, unmod, color, ignore, me, host, etc) start with forward slashes / or periods . The only Twitch chat command you’re allowed to make Nightbot run is /me (or .me)

When you’re trying to make it say .4 ADS .55 scoped Nightbot thinks you’re trying to make it run a chat command other than /me

What I’d do is put a zero-width space in the front of the command response, so just copy and paste this command into your chat:

!editcom !sens ​.4 ADS .55 scoped

@RokettoJanpu Thanks

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