Command for days streamed

Hey, I am trying to add a command that counts up each day for the amount of days streamed in a row. I can make it so it does “Year:Month:days:Hours:minutes:seconds” format but I just want it to show the number of days. For example, the streamer has streamed for 543 days in a row, so I want to make a command that would automatically display “544 days streamed in a row” tomorrow, and that changes value each day


Replace DATE with the date you are starting the counter from.

$(eval a=`$(countup DATE)`;y=a.match(/\d+ year/);d=a.match(/\d+ day/);(y?parseInt(y[0].split(` `)[0]):0)*365+(d?parseInt(d[0].split(` `)[0]):0)) days streamed in a row

Hi, thanks for the reply.
When I change the date to 01/02/2018, the date he started streaming in a row, the command says “zero days in a row”

You need to enter the date along with a valid timezone. The list of accepted timezones can be found here.

For example, if you want to count up from December 25, 2018 and you live in New York, an appropriate timezone to use would be “US/Eastern” and therefore you would input the date into the command as:

Dec 25 2018 US/Eastern

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