Command for clash royale

Could anyone help me create a nightbot command for clash royale, that would be using the players name and it would display the players stats like trophy count, deck, highest trophy. The command should use data from . If anyone could help make it, I would really appreciate it, because I don’t have much experience with nightbot.

@tyridiumcr Hmm, the website you gave do not support API service from MARCH 1 2020. No Joke I just checked it on their Discord Server. So you need to use official API from Clash Royale.

Thanks for the answer @Ritik_Ranjan, I thought it might not work with API, I found a website https :// which supposed to be working but I can’t get it set up for some reason, so I’m trying to find out what I should put into the name and message box on the nightbot to work

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